Pure Habanero

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Contains the world’s hottest commercially grown habanero with a range of 400,000-500,000 scoville units. Compare this to the common Jalapeno pepper with 5,000-7,000 scoville units.

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Habanero Pepper, Salt, and Vinegar.


3.75 oz. (111mL)

2 reviews for Pure Habanero

  1. G.Bourbonnais

    By far my favorite hot sauce ever! This one is hot, but the taste is just so amazing! After a few try, you can’t go back to any sauces on a lower scoville scale. Its a really nice hot level between the low heat peppers and the extremely hot one that are scary to even try. Its unique sweet smell mixed with a sort of smoky tart and hot kick in the mouth is awesome! My all time favourite!

  2. Chef_chris_so_cali

    Mom got this from new Mexico very tasty and Spicy enough to satisfy my craving for spicy foods if u use enough will make your head sweat Haha very delicious I want more!

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