Hot Sauce Challenge Book of Pleasure & Pain


Hot Sauce Challenge Book of Pleasure & Pain

Challenge yourself or your friends & family to make it through all 12 mini bottles of Hot Sauce from CANDY ASS MILD to KICK YO’ ASS HOT!

Flavors: Bacon, Chile Lime, Sriracha, Cajun, Original, Wasabi, Roasted Garlic,

Extreme Heat: Habanero Hot Sauce From Hell, Devil’s Revenge, Ghost Pepper, Ass Blaster, Spontaneous Combustion

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12 – .75oz Bottles

• Ass Kickin' Bacon Hot Sauce
• Ass Kickin' Chile Lime Hot Sauce
• Ass Kickin' Sriracha Hot Sauce
• Ass Kickin' Cajun Hot Sauce
• Ass Kickin' Original Hot Sauce
• Ass Kickin' Wasabi Hot Sauce
• Ass Kickin' Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce
• Habanero Hot Sauce From Hell
• Hot Sauce From Hell Devil's Revenge
• Ass Kickin' Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
• Ass Blaster Hot Sauce
• Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce


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