Pure Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash Puree – 1 Gallon


Southwest Specialty Food’s Pure Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash is made from freshly harvested Carolina Reaper peppers picked at their peak of ripeness for ideal heat. These peppers are then ground, blended with salt & vinegar and bottled to sure that you receive the freshest flavor possible. The Carolina Reaper’s heat should not be underestimated. Given even a small amount of this Carolina Reaper pepper can add extreme heat as well as a savory and sweet flavor to any dish. Add to any culinary recipe such as soups, stews, chili, pastas, marinades, or use as an ingredient base for your own custom hot sauce.

Ingredients: Carolina Reaper Pepper, Salt, Vinegar.

For larger wholesale quantities please call: 1-800-536-3131.

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1 Gallon


Carolina Reaper Pepper, Salt, Vinegar


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