Ass Kickin’ Chili Fixin’s

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These Arizona spices make a bowl of red chili that’s beyond compare. Masa flour, habanero peppers, pinto and black beans packaged separately and sewn up in an authentic Southwest cloth bag. Makes a great gift.

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Pinto beans, Black Beans

Packet 1

Chile Powder, Onion, Garlic, Oregano, Cumin

Packet 2

Masa Flour

Packet 3

Ground Habanero Pepper


1 lb. (454g)

2 reviews for Ass Kickin’ Chili Fixin’s

  1. Brian

    This is a must try. Perfect chilli. Careful with the hot packet, it is very hot.

  2. David (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying this chili mix for several years and I can tell you it is delicious. Instead of hamburger , I use ground Venison and cubed venison for the meat . Will continue to buy as long as it is available. Be extra careful of Habernaro packet . I first found this chili mix when I drove over the road as a truck driver at a truck stop in Arizona. Keep up the great “Ass Kickin Work” !!!

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