Ass Kickin’ Carolina Reaper Pepper Hot Salt – 3.4 oz.


PERFECT BLEND OF HEAT & FLAVOR: A wonderful salt blend between spicy Carolina Reaper pepper and chili powder that makes the ultimate popcorn seasoning or margarita salt.

THE ONLY HOT SPICY SALT YOU’LL EVER NEED!: The ASS KICKIN Carolina Reaper Pepper spicy salt adds an amazing layer of heat to any food. Perfect for any meal that needs a touch of insane heat.

LEVEL UP YOUR DISHES. ASS KICKIN’S combination of ingredients delivers an incredible flavor profile unprecedented to hot salt. This isn’t about bringing you the hottest, spiciest salt on the planet. Instead, Discover how this spicy salt livens up your favorite dishes and brings the bold and spicy flavor to all food designed for only the most curious connoisseur.

PERFECT PREMIUM GOURMET GIFT: This also makes a wonderful gift for the “foodie” in your life or any chefs you may know as well as a great gourmet gift for birthdays, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas and any other holiday.

Give your next dish an Ass Kickin’ with a flavorful dash of Ass Kickin’ CAROLINA REAPER Hot Salt. – 3.4 oz

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Salt, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Chili Powder, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Silicon Dioxide added to prevent caking, Garlic, Vegetable Oil, and Spices.


3.4 oz.(96g)


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