Ass Kickin’ Ass Family Gift Set

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The Ass Kickin’ Family Reunion Gift Set contains four unique flavors of hot sauce.

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5 oz bottles of:

• Smart Ass Hot Sauce
• Lazy Ass Hot Sauce
• Dumb Ass Hot Sauce (extremely hot)
• Pain in the Ass Hot Sauce


Dumb Ass Hot Sauce Contains Capsicum Extract

3 reviews for Ass Kickin’ Ass Family Gift Set

  1. Dwayne Arthur Heamick

    I love these hot sauces. My wife got the 4 pack gift set.
    the hotter the better. I will be getting more when these are gone.

    • orders

      Glad to hear you love our hot sauces. If you love hot Try our Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce!


  2. Nicole

    Love ALL of these… now just have to decide which one to carry around in my purse first… hmmm 🤔

  3. Donald R Barnes

    We have or did have the kick ass hot sauces love I’m going to order more.

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