Griller’s Ass Kickin’ Gift Pack

$60.00 $56.95

Jammed packed with flavorful sauces, snacks and an apron for when he is grillin’ some Ass Kickin’ BBQ!

Pack Includes:
1 Ass Kickin’ Apron
1 Ass Kickin’Smokin’ Habanero Injector Marinade
1 Ass Kickin Steak Sauce
1 Ass Kickin Arizona BBQ Sauce
1 Kick Butt Hickory Rib Rub
2 1oz Ass Kickin’ Chipotle Honey Peanuts
1 1oz Ass Kickin’ Jalapeno Cheddar Peanuts
1 1oz Ass Kickin’ Habanero Peanuts
1 Ass Kickin’ Microwave Kettle Corn
1 Ass Kickin’ BBQ Kettle Corn

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